How Large is My Outlook Mailbox?

Outlook 2007 has Mailbox Cleanup Tool that assists users in maintenance of their mailbox.


In Outlook, Click on the Tools tab, then select Mailbox Cleanup.


Mailbox Cleanup provides the following options:

1.View Mailbox Size and of individual folders within it. You can use this tool to manage the size of the mailbox.

2. Find items that are larger than a certain KB size or Find items older than a certain date.

3. Auto Archive items. Clicking the button will archive items based on your personal settings and store the items under Archive folders in the folder list.

4. View Deleted Items Size will show you the size of the folder.

5. Empty your Deleted Items Folder. Emptying the deleted items folder permanently delete those items.

To see how large your mailbox is, click the button "View Mailbox Size"

Look at the number after Total Size (including subfolders); if this is any number above 2000000K (six zeros), it has reached the allocated limit of 2 GB  (note that 2000000 KB = 2000 MB = 2 GB). 

You can also use the Mailbox Cleanup feature to search for large or old files, to launch the AutoArchive process and to check or empty your Deleted Items folder.