Faculty/Staff Support

How to change your network/email password

You may change your network/email password at http://pwm.csi.edu/.   
Note: This site does not change your MyCSI or Blackboard credentials.

Changing Your Password from http://mail.csi.edu

You also may change your network/email password from the mail site by selecting Options - Change Password in the lower left menus.

Using a campus computer to change your network/email password

If you have already logged in a campus computer, you may change your existing password by pressing CTRL-ALT-Del on your keyboard.  Select Change Password.  Type in your old password, along with the new one you wish to use.

CSI Password Tips

  1. Never tell your password to anyone, especially students!
  2. Never write down your password.
  3. Make your password hard to guess
    do not use the name of your pet (or your kid).
  4. Avoid using words found in a dictionary.
  5. The more random your password, the better.
  6. Be sure that you don't use personal identifiers in your password (like your name).

A compromised password not only puts your own information at risk—it may also expose sensitive college data and systems.

What makes up a Strong Password?

A strong password is one that’s hard to crack. A strong password must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Your password must be at least eight characters long.
  • It must have at least one number.
  • It must have at least one letter.
  • It must have at least one symbol (!,@,#,$,^).
  • Avoid simple variants of names or words (even foreign words), simple patterns, famous equations, or well-known values.

Coming up with a Strong Password

Coming up with a password that's both strong and easy to remember can take some creativity. Try thinking of a phrase (i.e. part of a book, poem, or song), and use it to form a password you’ll remember. For example:

  • "All of Gaul is divided into three main parts." would be "AoG/i3mp."
  • Insert symbols (punctuation) after every third character.
  • Use an upper case letter after every number.
  • Press the Shift key after every other character.
  • Be creative! Come up with your own system—the possibilities are endless.