CSI Outlook Mailbox Size Limitations

Beginning April 15th, 2010, all faculty and staff Outlook mailboxes will be limited to 2.0 gigabytes (GB).  A daily warning will be sent when your Outlook  mailbox reaches 1.6 GB, reminding you to archive desired messages and delete unwanted ones.  If your mailbox reaches the 2.0 GB limit, you will no longer be able to send or receive messages.  Mailbox size is calculated by all messages, attachments, notes, tasks, and calendar items.  Deleted Items are counted in your mailbox size (so occasionally emptying trash is a good thing).

  Here are some helpful links:

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Q. Why are limits being imposed on campus?

A. Our mail database needs to be a manageable size to ensure that backups are able to complete nightly and functionality and reliability remain.  Organizations generally put limits on mail to lighten the message server load, reduce backup times, and reduce spam and viruses. Another reason is just good housekeeping / basic IT practice.

Q. Will I lose any of my existing mail?

A. No.  Once the size limit of 2GB is reached, you simply cannot send or receive mail.  You can reduce the mailbox size by deleting unneeded messages and archive desired messages.  Archiving moves messages from the server to a local PST file stored on your computer.

Q. What makes up a "Mailbox" and what are the limits?

A. The mailbox is made up of Inbox, Deleted, Calendar, Junk Mail, RSS Feeds and Sent Items. The overall mailbox limit is 2GB. Don't forget to periodically empty your deleted items. See below on how to find how big you mailbox is.

Q. What happens if I'm over the mailbox size limit?

A. There are three thresholds which are:

 Warn - At 1.6GB You will receive a daily e-mail warning you're nearing the mailbox limit

Block Send & Receive - At 2GB you will not be able to send or receive e-mail

Q. I have a Blackberry / Smart Phone will I still get my mail?

A. Yes, you will be able to get to your e-mail that is in your "Inbox" but you won't be able to access your archive PST file.

Q. What is a .PST?

A .PST is a file that resides on your computer and is used to store items in Outlook. Message Archives are stored in a PST file.

Q. How do I use a PST?

A. It's really easy. Follow the instructions below to create your PST then you create folders as you see fit to store your items that come into your mailbox. You can get as simple of as creative as you would like to setup your PST. You can have multiple PST files so you can setup your structure say by year and create a new PST every year. This will help keep them smaller if you decide you want to back them up, or if your PST should ever become corrupt you won't lose everything you saved