Help for Adjunct Faculty Accounts

Email and logon a ccounts will be created for adjunct faculty based upon course sections that have been scheduled in the Jenzabar system with the following conditions:

  o    The section is active (i.e., not cancelled)

o    The instructor’s ID number is listed as teacher of record

o    The course is Academic, Technical or Developmental or it is a computer section in Community Education.

  Once created, these adjunct accounts will be active for at least one year. Each semester, on or about October 1stand March 1st, ITS staff will determine if the adjunct teacher has been an active for a qualifying course section within the past year; if not, the account will be deleted.

Most adjuncts will have an email address that will be <first initial><last name>*  

Initial passwords will be an eight character string of their birth date in the format MMDDYYYYY. Thus, for example, a birth date of 8/9/55 will become a password of “08091955”.  Instructors should be encouraged to change their password on their first login.

*Because of availability, some adjuncts will not follow this format.  For example,if an account exists for Sam Johnson (sjohnson), and a Susan Johnson needs to be created, Susan's account will not be created automatically.  Generally, the ITS Department will assign a new username/email address for such situations.  Therefore, adjuncts should be advised to contact their department chair if s/he is not able to access their login/email via the default setup.