CSI - Requesting Software

Requesting Software for the Labs & Teaching Stations

If you need software loaded on a teaching station or for your students in a classroom or lab, you must send a software request form to the Helpdesk.  On the form, indicate which labs or classrooms you need the software loaded.  Proof of licensing is required as well as the software itself.

Each Spring, we require software requests for the following Fall Semester.  Each software is given a quality assurance (QA) test before it is loaded on the computers. 

NOTE for Software Requests for the Open Labs:

The Open Computer Labs are general use computer labs for use by all currently registered students.  They differ from classroom computers, as classes are never held in those labs.

Each open lab computer is configured the same regardless of its location. 
Thus, if software is to be loaded in the these labs, we require licensing that covers all of the open lab computers. 

Software FAQs

Q.  I must have software installed and ready for students at the beginning of the semester.  How can I know it will be ready?

A.  Each Spring, the Helpdesk issues a call for Fall software requests.  If your software is turned in by May 1st, the software will be ready when school starts, assuming it passes the QA tests and has sufficient licensing.

Q.  What quality assurance (QA) tests are performed by the Helpdesk?

A.  We check that the software will play well on the workstation and the network.  Typically, the software needs to be Windows XP compatible, able to get along well with other software, and not have reliability issues.

Q.  School has started and I realized I need software loaded in a lab.  May I still request the software?

A.  Yes, but we cannot guarantee when the software will be available.  Typically, we are able to install the software within two weeks.  However, some computer labs are so busy that it is difficult to schedule an install.  The software still needs a QA check and we must still have licensing proof.  Getting us your software the Spring before Fall will save you (and us) lots of worries.

Q.  I only have licensing to cover the 25 students in my class.  May I request that software be loaded on 25 open lab computers?

A.  Sorry, we need licensing to cover ALL open lab computers. 

Q.  How many licenses are needed for my software to cover all the open lab computers?

A.  Most people who request software for open lab computers have site licenses.  For the latest count of open lab computers, contact the Helpdesk. 

Q.  I submitted my software request last year and the software was installed/operating successfully.  Do I need to request the software again next year?

A.  YES!  We need software re-requested each year.  We do not assume you need your software again.