CSI-FAQ Students

Frequently Asked Questions - Students


Q.  How big is my email box?

A.  Eaglemail accounts have up to 7GB storage for email and documents.

Q.  How much storage is available on my network U drive?

A.  Students are allotted up to 25 MB disk space for their home directory U drive.

Q.  Is POP available for Eaglemail?

A.  Yes.  For more instructions click here.

Q.  If I change my email password, does it change my Blackboard or MyCSI password?

A.  Yes, for MyCSI.  No for Blackboard, as Blackboard passwords are separate.


Q.  I'm having trouble logging in for the first time.  What's going on?

A.  Students that register for a credit class will receive a student logon account within two business days of registering.  Your username is your student ID number.  Your default password is your eight digit date of birth, no dashes, slashes or spaces.

Q.  I've been successfully logging in all semester but now I can't.  What's going on?

A.  Several factors will cause an account to change including:

  • Did you change your password recently and now you can't recall it?  If so, use the Quest Password Reset Manager to access your secret questions.  The Quest Password Reset Manager is available on all lab computers on campus.
  • If you drop your classes or have them dropped because of non-payment, your account will become disabled.
  • If you were involved in a campus computer violation, your computer account will be suspended until we receive clearance from Student Services.


Q.  How much network storage am I provided?

A.  Eaglemail provides roughly 7 GB storage for email and documents.  Students also receive 25MB of home directory storage in their U drive.  The U drive is for simple convenience and we do not anticipate increasing the allocation in the near future.

Q.  What is the best way to store my documents?

A.  We recommend these methods for students to store and retrieve their documents:

1.  Eaglemail Documents via http://eaglemail.csi.edu

2.  A personal USB Flash Drive

3.  Both!  Eaglemail documents provide online document storage available wherever there is Internet access.  It never hurts to have a second copy of important documents on a USB Flash Drive, as flash drives are cheap and easy to use.


Q.  I need to purchase more pages to print.  How do I do this?

A.  You may purchase additional paper from any CSI cashier on campus.  Cost is $10 for 250 sheets.

Q.  I have some paper balance available to me at the end of the semester.  Will you roll the balance over to next semester?

A.  No.  It is a use or lose amount.  At the start of each semester, we reset all balances to 500 (Fall/Spring) or 250 (Summer).