CSI  CSI Presents Eaglemail
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Eaglemail is a new email system for students and faculty at the College of Southern Idaho.  It replaces the old http://students.csi.edu system, and is an addition to Faculty's Exchange (Outlook) email acccounts.

What is Eaglemail?
Eaglemail is a suite of online software applications that Google offers advertisement free to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. The package includes Eaglemail (based on Gmail), Web-based word processing and spreadsheet applications, sharable calendars, chat, and more.

How does it work?
You will use your CSI username and password to log into Google’s web-based applications through http://eaglemail.csi.edu.

What does Eaglemail Provide?

  • Eaglemail (Google Apps Email)
    Enjoy Google’s powerful email program without the ads. You will have 7 gigabytes of email storage. No more worries about having to delete email with your Eaglemail account.
  • Calendar Events Made Easy
    Organize your life with a simple online calendar. Keep a calendar for yourself, share another with your friends, and subscribe to public calendars to stay up on all the great events on campus.
  • Talk An Easy Way to Chat
    Chat with your friends and classmates on the web or on your desktop. Organize a group chat to go over homework.
  • Documents Made for Collaboration
    Easily create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations and export them to your favorite desktop program. Share them with your group and make changes together in real time.

When may I activate my Eaglemail account?

If you are a registered student for Summer or Fall semesters 2009, you will be able to activate your account shortly before the start of Summer Semester, which begins June 1st. 

What happens to our old student email service?  Can I still access my old student email account?

We will maintain the old student email system until December 2009, where you can begin to move your messages to your new Eaglemail account.  However, beginning Fall 2009, all CSI correspondence will go to your Eaglemail account, so you are encouraged to activate it as soon as possible.

We also provide CSI Faculty with an optional Eaglemail account.  An Eaglemail account allows students and faculty to share calendars and documents collaboratively.

Further Information:

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