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CSI Helpdesk Hours:  8am-5pm M-F (208) 732-6311

What we can help with:

The CSI Helpdesk assists Faculty and Staff with their CSI computers, phones, network accounts and technical issues relevant to their job function with the College.  We also provide technical assistance with CSI software and multimedia equipment.


Other Available Support:

EAGLEMAIL - Information about the student email system

Google Drive Google Drive


Blackboard Blackboard

Blackboard Support Resources for Faculty
Blackboard Support Resources for Students
For Faculty/Staff: For Students:
Mobile Phone Setup
  Distance Learners
Frequently Asked Questions about Online Classes

CSI Computer Use Policy
  Student email & network accounts:  How long does my student account stay active? (pdf)
Change your password   Change your password - change your password here
How do I logon to MyCSI?   How do I access my Eaglemail account?
How do I logon to MyCSI? 
Help with network logon account & password - how to change your password.   Do I use a PIN or my Eaglemail password for MyCSI? Current students use their Eaglemail password.  New and returning students use PIN number.
Adjunct Faculty - assistance for Adjunct Faculty, how to access your email and network accounts, usernames & passwords   Help with Blackboard logon account & password
FAQs - Frequently asked questions from faculty/staff   Printing Balance - per semester, how to purchase more paper
Software Requests - how to request software in a lab   FAQs - issues dealing with email and network storage limits, POP settings, logging in, etc.
Data Security Guidelines - how to protect our data   Computer Labs - what's available
    Wireless Network Access - what's available on campus
Downloading Video Files   Purchasing a computer for schoolwork - recommended specifications

Audio/Visual Equipment
About - General information
Campus Multimedia Classrooms - location, capacity, & room specifications

Email Assistance for Faculty/Staff

How do I access my faculty/staff email account from the Web?
Faculty/Staff Mailbox Size Limits
How Large is My Outlook Mailbox?
How Can I Reduce My Mailbox Size?
How do I setup forwarding rules for Outlook?

Phone Assistance

Cisco IP Phone Guides (pdf)
Analog Phone Guides (pdf)
Voice Mail Help (pdf)

General Information
CSI Computer Lab Guidelines
CSI Computer Labs - what's available
Campus Wireless Access
Campus Computer Use Policy